Types Studs, nuts, bolts, screws (hex head/Allen heads/countersunk head…), washers (serrated/flat),
Norms ANSI B1.1 Unified National Coarse thread, Unified National special 8 TPI, Unified National Fine thread, ISO triangular profile thread
ANSI B18.2.2 Hex nut & heavy hex nut
ISO 4032 Regular nut, ISO 4035 Jam nut, ISO 4039 Heavy nut
Sizes From 1/4 » to 4 », from M8 to M100, all lengths
Materials STUD/NUTS :
Carbon steel : A193 B7 / A194 2H, A193 B7M / A194 2HM, A320 L7/L7M / A194 Gr7M
Stainless steel : A193 B8 / A194 Gr8, A193 B8M CL2 / A194 GR8MA, A320 B8/B8M
Coating Zinc plating, Hot Dip Galvanising, Bichromated treatment, PTFE coating, fluoropolymer coating
Special Special coating, special lengths, special materials