Attaching a pipe to a flange, without welding provides benefits to offshore operations.

Maintains plant integrity

Currently major use of the Quickflange solution is in the tie-in, repair and modification of existing facilities. Using the solution does not require shutdown and supports the proactive integrity management of clients’ process plants. As a maintenance tool for on-site operations Quickflange removes any kind of hot-work in its installation, thereby providing safety benefits as well as time savings.

Trained personnel

Work can be performed by any trained personnel. Quickflange installation is easy to train, and most typical site technicians find this a very simple process. The installation technique is reliable for existing and new constructions.

Saves time

Quickflange offers a unique, quick, cold and safe method of attaching a modified standard metal flange to a pipe permanently. It takes approximately two minutes to activate a 1 inch Quickflange, and about twenty minutes for 12 inches, irrespective of pipe wall thickness or material.

Weldless pipe flanges

The Quickflange itself is machined very simply from a standard, off-the-shelf ANSI flange (or other), has no moving parts, gaskets, grips or any other components. Connection is made through the use of a hydraulically activated cold-forge technique. Quickflange meets and exceeds the requirements of ASME 31.3 piping codes in terms of resistance to the maximum allowable stresses in the system.

Material and size

Quickflange is available currently for all pipe sizes up to 12 inches , and is applicable for many different pipe/flange materials – including carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, CuNi, Monel etc. Typical operation is on pressure ratings 150, 300 pounds although ratings up to 900 pounds are available.