Securing subsea pipeline integrity.

For pipelines suffering corrosion, scouring or mechanical damage, time is of the essence when executing a repair. Any reduction in the time taken to intervene and repair subsea pipelines, directly affects the time required on site by subsea contractors, divers and support vessels. Reduction in time means reduction in total service costs.

Pipeline integrity

The ultimate goal of Quickflange is to provide clients with the tools to facilitate management of subsea pipelines. In addition, Quickflange contributes to overall time and cost reductions by providing a solution that simplifies the process of terminating cut pipelines with standard flanges.

Pipeline mechanical connector

The solution is machined very simply from a standard, off-the-shelf ANSI flange (or other), and has no moving parts, gaskets, grips or other components. Connection is made through the use of a hydraulically activated cold-forge technique.

An effective pipeline repair tool

Quickflange is far smaller and lighter (up to 70%) than comparable systems. This ensures significant time savings, resulting in:

  • Less time required to excavate the pipeline and remove coatings
  • Minimal equipment required to deploy the flange – such as air-bags, deployment frames
  • Less time required on the seabed to assemble and activate the flange compared to any other systems
  • The same tools and procedures to assemble and bolt the Quickflange to the mating flange on the spool

The Quickflange system also includes external pressure test facilities as standard in order to verify successful activation, prior to spool assembly.