Our Commitment

The implementation of a management system aiming to develop the company. The system, whilst being a tool should contribute to the expected overall improvement of the company. The improvements are stated by measurable objectives which will be regularly reviewed throughout the running of the system (Management review).

The proposed objectives are as follows :

Customer satisfaction must be maintained through : Continuous reactivity – Stricter traceability

The development of the company should be increased by :

Tekflow and all its nominated sub-suppliers have an implemented and accredited system for quality and assurance in accordance with ISO 9001 or 9002.
Tekflow philosophy is to take full responsibility for health, safety and environment (HSE) in relation to our company. We look upon the implementation of this philosophy as a common goal for the direction and employees on every level of the organization.

Considering that TEKFLOW’s actions must be part of an overall plan for improving and optimizing QHSE concerns, we interact with all our partners, customers or suppliers, to ensure that the products provided by TEKFLOW best respect the QHSE policy in effect over its entire life cycle.
It is in this context that a QHSE Requirements Procedure for Suppliers and a Recycling and Destruction Notice have been published.

Download QHSE Requirements Procedure (FR)

Download Recycling and Destruction Notice (FR)

Our Set-up

The strategy, policies and objectives are decided by the management. The resources necessary to achieve the results and the infrastructure policy are decided by the Managing Director.
The administration and financial aspects are carried out by the management.
The technical director is responsible for all necessary technical expertise and supplier prospecting. All organisation and treatment of technical documents comes under the responsibility of the Technical Director.
The commercial strategy is decided by the management, and organised and put into place by the Sales Director.
The putting into place of the management quality system is undertaken by the quality department assisted by externally qualified consultants.
Roles and assignments are stated in employees’ work contracts. Certain assignments are given specific documents.

Introduction Procedure

In order to continually improve its performance, Tekflow has decided to use a procedure to control its activities. The procedures are discussed at the management review meeting. The procedure ensures that what has been agreed is respected. Progress is measured using the objectives/actions of the procedure and reviewed at the planned meeting. The management review meeting enables an evaluation of the global performance of the system.

tekflow mapping procedure
Mapping procedure

The map below compares expectations with customer satisfaction. Technical and Human Resources are supplied by procedure supports. The management procedure supervises and directs the entire procedure.
All inputs, outputs, activities and interactions procedures are explained in the management system.

Reference Documents

The following reference documents are available :

Management manual introducing the company, policies and management system.

Procedures related to each process which state methods and criteria to enable control of the processes, responsibilities and recordings.

Recordings are kept to show conformity and guarantee traceability.

The Management system meets ISO 9001:2008 requirements.

The documents of the system are the Quality Department’s responsibility as well as updating and distributing all necessary documents. The procedures state the introduction, identification and archiving of the records at all levels.

tekflow reference documents
Reference documents

Management Procedure

Customer orders are collected, registered and treated in accordance with the Sales Procedure methods. After checking for any ambiguities, suppliers are identified and consulted in order to satisfy customers’ requirements in terms of products and services. Manufacturing, packaging and transportation are looked after by Tekflow through the purchasing procedure.
Our added-value is due to the availability, reactivity and competence of our staff. The Human Resource procedure develops this richness. Our technical expertise of which the methods are detailed in the Technical Resource procedure, enable all levels to respect the contractual obligations.
Our Management Improvement Procedure ensures that the day to day work is carried out in accordance with the chosen objectives. The formal follow-up and audit of the improvement procedures give valuable information to the regular reviews of the achieved results.

Progress Policy

Continued improvement
Our continued improvement policy aims to reach objectives shown in the procedures. These improvements rely upon the pilot study and the use of the tools offered by the system.


  • Management review: Assessment of our global performance,
  • Audits: Study of the conformity and efficiency of the system,
  • Non-conformity (Quality control documents): Rejections are registered and immediate action plans drawn up to rectify the problem,
  • Action Plan: All corrective or preventative action is recorded and acted upon.

All tools are written in the Quality Procedures.

Each member of staff is responsible for resolving problems. Individual responsibility is encouraged. Necessary resources are made available in order to reach the fixed objectives.

tekflow progress policy
Progress policy


HSE Performance Report

The HSE Data Management System, data collection process, data analysis and reporting are important elements of corporate responsibility at TEKFLOW.

We monthly report, merge and review all HSE relevant datas to anticipate any deviation and keep our high-level HSE target achievable…

Download here our HSE Performance Report for 2017… (FR)