Why do we need Hydraulic Tightening?

Accuracy + Repeatability + Safety + Security = TIME & COST SAVING

TEKFLOW and SPX are associated in a close partnership to provide Oil & Gas actors with Hydraulic Tightening Equipments.

Full range of equipments includes both most commonly used technologies for bolt tightening operations:

Hydraulic Wrenches
Bolt Tensioners




















Hydraulic tightening equipments can be supplied with high pressure pumps and hydraulic hoses.

Bolted Joints Accessories

As we consider that bolt tightening is only a part of the job to be achieved on bolted assemblies, we also propose a range of bolting accessories:

  • Flange pullers
  • Flange spreaders
  • Nut splitters
  • Teknut (split-off nut): M20 to M45 hydraulically removable nut which alows remote disconnection of any bolted assembly
  • Hand torque tools
  • Pneumatic torque tools

(pulling head arrangment, subsea clamp,…)

Engineering Support

Tool Selection Charts

Available for all used standards.

Allows a quick selection of required tool.

Tightening Operation Datasheet

Includes all required information about the application to operate:

  • Flange & Bolting details
  • Chosen Tool Details
  • Operating Pressures
  • Loads and stress applied and achieved

Engineering Support

Special Designs

Our Design Department can realize special studies to fit your technical requirements and your project constraints.


TEKNUT Split-Off Nut Drawing

TEKNUT Split-Off Nut Drawing

Operations Support & Services

Our goal is to provide the industry with the most comprehensive value-added services. By listening to the customer we are able to determine what services are critical to them.

The services we offer

  • 24/7 Hotline
  • Rental service that is tailored to our customer’s needs
  • Calibration of equipment (any brand), done in our in-house calibration laboratory
  • On site services
  • Training sessions for our customer’s workers