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Grayloc Clamp connector

For offshore application, where there is not many space around connections or in subsea where the weight and dimensions are critical parameters, the compact connections like GRAYLOC® clamp connectors or GRAYLOC® compact flanges are very suitable for divers and ROV operations.



Faster to make and break
#50% time saving on assembly
#70% load reduction on tightening (4 bolts only)


Lighter #30% ligther, no alignment of bolts
Smaller  # 30% space saving


Easier to maintain
than conventional flanges

Comparison on 12 » size of  GRAYLOC® Clamp connector (270 kg),  Compact flange (370 kg) NORSOK L005 Type ASME VIII, Division 2 approved by LLOYD’S and a standard flange (1660 kg) ASME B16.5 with the same pressure rating (2500#).


Grayloc Clamp connector


Grayloc® clamp connectors have been used in a wide range of industries since the 1950s. The connectors are lighter, smaller, faster to make and break, and easier to maintain than conventional flanges. Stringent engineering processes and quality standards result in unparalleled and repeatable reliability.

  • Grayloc® metal-to-metal seal 
  • Self-energized and pressure-enhanced seal
  • Two-piece, four-bolt clamp design
  • Primary load-retaining member is the clamp, not the bolting
  • Significant space- and weight-saving design
  • Low makeup bolt torque
  • Visual indication of proper assembly
  • Reusable seal rings
  • Eliminates fugitive emissions with zero-leakage seal (10-6 atm cc/s helium)
  • Reduces installation time with only four bolts and 360° clamp rotation
  • Simplifies fabrication (no bolt holes to align)
  • Lowers maintenance costs
  • Minimizes spare parts inventory
  • Enables design of lightweight and compact piping systems, using integral fitting configurations
  • Grayloc hub profiles can be integrated into third-party (OEM) products


Grayloc® compact flanges (GCFs) incorporate our proven metal-to-metal technology into a bolted flange design. Including the Grayloc seal ring in a compact flange design provides a solution with significant space and weight savings that outperforms conventional flanges.

  • Grayloc® metal-to-metal seal
  • Self-energized and pressure-enhanced seal
  • Space and weight are less when compared to conventional flanges
  • Optimized bolting configurations
  • Engineered to industry standard design codes, including ASME and API
  • Visual indication of proper assembly
  • Reusable seal rings
  • Eliminates fugitive emissions with zero leakage seal (10-6 atm cc/s helium)
  • Enables significant space and weight savings
  • Reduces installation time with smaller and fewer bolts
  • Lowers maintenance cost
  • Minimizes spare parts inventory
  • Eliminates mismatches common in male and female designs with standard seal interfaces
  • Enables design of lightweight and compact piping systems using integral fitting configurations
  • Enables integrating Grayloc hub profiles into third-party (OEM) products

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