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Our load testing equipment used to qualify bend restrictors

November 2019 – Two Bend Restrictors was tested in our plant in Normandie for our customer, a major EPC.

Tekflow has a large experience manufacturing steel made Bend Restrictors that are designed to work under heavy loads on severe environment conditions. Our testing equipment can be used to qualify bend restrictor according customer requirements. We can perform bending radius measurement and load tests (under bending moment or axial load).

What is a bend restrictor ?

A bend restrictor is an assembly installed around umbilicals or flexibles to prevent damage from cable’s overbending. Each cable, umbilical or flexible has a minimum bending radius, below which the cable can be severely damaged and become unusable for operation. Bend restrictors are made up of a number of interlocking elements which react when subjected to an external load, locking together to form a smooth curved radius. This radius is chosen to be equal to or greater than the minimum bend radius of the cable to be protected. 

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